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A Taste of Gin & Juice - Blue Candy Gin Gift Box

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Get the full Gin & Juice Candyfloss experience with this perfect Expert gift set for one. Including a glorious Gin & Juice goblet, and a bottle of Candyfloss gin of your choosing. And as a gift from us, we include a complimentary mixer, selected by our Gin experts, and a tub of candy floss so you can garnish to your hearts content at home! All delivered in our luxury box to create a one of a kind gift.

Our perfect serve is a 50ml shot of Gin into your goblet full of ice. Garnish with your candy floss and pour the mixer on top to melt into your drink creating the sweet indulgent drink you’ve been dreaming of!

The Blue Shimmer Candy Floss Gin offers a delicious candy shop sweetness, reminiscent of fizzy flying saucers and sugar-dusted bonbons.

Inspired by fun and frivolity, indulging in this melt-in-the-mouth candy floss gin will transport you to the intoxicating atmosphere of a bustling cocktail bar.

Outrageously garnished with real candy floss at our Gin & Juice bars, this shimmery, pearlescent delight offers ample blue spun sugary sweetness alongside zingy lime and a kick of ginger warmth with bass notes of earthy juniper throughout.

Fun fact: this gin transforms from its deep, majestic blue shade to a delicate pink hue with the addition of a premium quality tonic.

Made in small batches exclusively for Gin & Juice bars. Only available for purchase by the bottle on

Tasting notes from our experts at Gin & Juice bars


Sugary sweet cotton candy followed by efflorescent palma violet and oily juniper aromas.


Magical blue sugar-spun candy floss sweetness balanced by a dash of zingy lime and indulgently creamy Madagascan vanilla. Classic earthy juniper notes throughout.


Delicate rose and angelica floral tones fading into a warming ginger finish.

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