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Gin Divine Strawberry & Kiwi

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Divine Strawberry and Kiwi infused gin has been created to excite the palate with aromas and flavours of summer days.

Using modern distilling techniques alongside the finest carefully balanced botanicals, fruits and Yorkshire spring water, Gin Divine create truly exception gins.

A Gin & Juice Favourite

"Clean, Crisp & Aromatic, a beautiful mix of botanicals that include peppers, infused with strawberries and kiwis."

Jordan Gin-Expert Cardiff Gin & Juice

Tasting notes from our experts at Gin & Juice bars


Fresh juniper combined with a unique jammy sweetness


Notes of strawberry burst through with a tang of kiwi balanced with a touch of spice.


The vibrant kiwi perserveres right through to the end leaving you with warm, tropical goodness.
From the Distillery
R2 Distillers: Ray and Rachel. The initial brainwave to create a gin was the outcome of celebrating a July 4th party in 2014 with their American friends. Many months of discussions followed before Ray decided to enrol on a distillers course. This led to applying for the appropriate licenses and buying their first still, a 50 litre, to then selling the first bottle in November 2016. Divine feels that a great gin should be as enjoyable regardless of format. Whether the drinker enjoys it neat, over ice or added to their mixer of choice, the spirits speak for themselves. Simply Divine.

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